Cirrus SR22T High Altitude UK to Prague

FL230 Trip to Prague

Recently the Cirrus UK and Cirrus Advanced Flight Training team flew from Sywell to Prague to attend a Cirrus Training Conference. High altitude trips such as this is where the speed and performance of the Turbo engine shows. Departing Sywell, we quickly got a call into London Information who very kindly activated our IFR flight plan. Climbing initially to FL100, the Turbo ensured a fast climb rate, and doning the Oxygen masks we continued our climb to 23,000ft. The masks were comfortable throughout the journey, and regular fingertip oxygen checks were completed – prompted by the ‘Alerts’ feature on the PFD.

Our routing took us north abeam London, departing the UK coastline over Dover, and coasting in just south of Ostend. Weather en route was a mix between scattered and overcast at around 10,000ft, however being at FL230 we remained above the weather throughout the entire flight. Descending through some cumulus, the 22T’s FIKI system, with TKS panels on the leading edges, ensured any ice was swiftly removed from the aircraft. Efficient routing from the excellent controllers on Prague Radar led to to a radar vectored ILS for runway 06, where once vacated, the ‘follow-me’ car led us to friendly handling agents from Menzies Aviation. Flight time only, 3 hrs and 10 minutes!

After an informative conference, led by Cirrus’ global head of training, Karl, and a pleasant evening spent on a dinner cruise down the River Vltava, the following afternoon we prepared for the return trip. Using the Garmin Pilot app, the flight plan was instantly loaded into the MFD. A slighly longer trip back due to flying against the prevailing winds, however at FL180, we were safely on the ground in the UK in 3 hrs and 50 minutes.

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Cirrus Aircraft Launches Limited Edition to Commemorate 8,000 Delivery

Cirrus Aircraft today (28 January 2021) unveiled a new Limited Edition aircraft to commemorate the delivery of its 8,000th SR Series aircraft later this year – the 8000 Limited Edition SR Series. Inspired by the company’s rich history of designing and building aircraft that inspire people to experience the world through personal aviation, the new design features bold colors and unapologetic accents on the exterior and interior.


Further information can be found at: