Cirrus Aircraft Uk Flight Training

Cirrus Advanced Flight Training LLP

At Cirrus Aircraft UK we strive to provide the very best service and support to our customers. We have established Cirrus Advanced Flight Training because we were keen to offer post sales training in-house to ensure our owners receive the highest standard of flight training and the personal support they deserve to operate their Cirrus Aircraft. 

We operate a training organisation at our base at Sywell Aerodrome offering the following courses:

  • PPL

  • Night Rating

  • IR(R)

  • IR

With three in-house Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) we can conduct every Cirrus transition course, licence and rating you require to make the most of your Cirrus Aircraft.


About the team (From right to Left)

Sarah Bond CSIP & CFI: Sarah has flown the Phenom Jet for London Executive and is a highly experienced instructor with over 2000 hours of instructional time, a great deal of which has been on Cirrus Aircraft ranging from G3 to G6, her high performance aircraft and glass cockpit time make her an ideal Cirrus instructor.  As a PPL and IR(R) examiner Sarah will be leading our training effort. 

Michael Wright MD & CSIP: Michael is hugely enthusiastic aviator having owned and operated many different types from every generation of Cirrus to Bucker Jungman's, Extras, Pitts and a Harvard. With 2500 hours and over 1000 hours on the Cirrus Michael is one of the most experienced Cirrus pilot's in the UK. Michael will focus on the delivery transition training for new sales. 

Charlie Kimbell CSIP: Charlie has flown Airbus 320,321 and 330 at Monarch Airlines, A340s at Virgin Atlantic and currently operates a private Gulfstream. With 11,000 hours, 3000 instructional, Charlie is a passionate instructor with a wealth of experience to share. Charlie, whose primary role is pre-owned sales will focus on the transition training of his customers onto type.


What if I don't own an aircraft but would like to transition to the Cirrus? 

We can provide a 2015 SR22 G1000 equipped rental aircraft for transition training and solo hire. At a rate of £250/hr + VAT dry. 

Contact: for your training enquiries.