Maximum Ramp Weight 6,040 lbs (2,740 kg)

Maximum Takeoff Weight 6,000 lbs (2,727 kg)

Basic Empty Weight 3,550 lbs (1,610 kg)

Max Zero Fuel Weight 4,900 lbs (2,223 kg)

Maximum Usable Fuel 2,000 lbs (907 kg)


Manufacturer Williams International

Model FJ33-5A

Thrust ~1,846 lbs


Wingspan 38.7 ft (11.79 m)

Length 30.7 ft (9.42 m)

Height 10.9 ft (3.32 m)

Cabin Width 5.1 ft (1.56 m)

Cabin Height 4.1 ft (1.24 m)


Takeoff 2,036 ft (620 m)

Takeoff Over 50 ft Obstacle 3,192 ft (973 m)

Climb Rate 1,609 ft/min

Max Operating Altitude 31,000 ft

Stall Speed with Flaps 67 knots

Max Cruise Speed 311 KTAS

Landing Groundroll 1,628 ft (496 m)

Cirrus Perspective Touch+

The Intuitive flight deck integrates all aircraft system information and external data into a user-friendly interface for a maximum situational awareness and pilot workload reduction

– Real-Time Weather

– Flight Displays

– Situational Awareness

– Touchscreen Controllers

– Intuitive Connectivity

– Digital Autopilot

– Autothrottle



Unmistakable on the runway, the Apex Premium Collection is a bold statement with color enveloping the unique carbon fiber fuselage and sweeping up towards the engine.

Unmistakable Presence

Stand out on any runway and make your presence known with bold color appeal, inspired by classic racing cars.


Premium Style

Premium leather seats and interior upholstery accents are handcrafted to perfection in a wide array of tones to suit any style preference.

Striking in its simplicity, the Vitesse Premium Collection features rich accent colors that race from the iconic V-Tail, envoking a sense of speed and agility.

Striking Appeal

Turn heads with aggressive accent lines that draw attention in rich colors inspired by classic racing cars.


Premium Style

Premium leather seats and interior upholstery accents are handcrafted to perfection in a wide array of tones to suit any style preference.

Transformative Cabin

Each cabin seat is fully modular and can easily be removed, giving you the added flexibility of 28 possible seating configurations.



Enhanced Awareness

Expand your mission capabilities with weather tracking tools that provide precision analysis in real-time. This package includes Digital Real-Time Weather Radar, Enhanced Vision, SurfaceWatch and more.


Pro Pilot

Enhance your confidence with the same tools professional pilots use. This package includes TCAS-1 Traffic Targeting, a third Attitude Heading Reference System, additional Digital Diversity Transponder and more.


Premium Luxury

Upgrade your passenger experience with a selection of Premium Leathers and Carpet and enhanced interior and exterior features, including Multi-Tone Paint and Executive and Family Seating options.


Productivity & Experience

Give your passengers the ultimate in first-class treatment with this package that includes a 22” LED LCD Entertainment Display and Rear Climate Controls, along with Gold Reflective Windows for the optimal cabin experience.


Stay connected with Perspective Global Connect, offering text messaging and phone call functions while in flight. Also included is Iridium Datalink Weather, which adds weather coverage outside of the United States and Canada.

Personalize Your Dream

Cirrus owners possess an unparalleled appreciation for quality and performance. And our Exclusive Xi Design Studio takes you one step further, giving you direct access to our design team to tailer your aircraft all the way down to the stitch in the seats

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