Cirrus Aircraft UK have established Cirrus Advanced Flight Training, based at Sywell Aerodrome, to offer post sales training, transition courses, and ab-initio flight training in state-of-the-art Cirrus Aircraft. This ensures our clients receive the highest standard of flight training and the personal support they deserve to operate their aircraft.


At Advanced Flight training we use a state of the art Cirrus SR20 G6, it’s the plane that put Cirrus on the map and transformed an industry. With Perspective + Garmin 1000 Avionics, a QWERTY keyboard, Synthetic Vision Technology, Active Traffic and the now legendary Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) there is not a more technically advanced or safer aircraft for training. The SR20 is the perfect dual-role aircraft: easily manageable for the newer pilot and perfectly suitable for business use being fully IFR equipped with class leading performance.

State of the art avionics provide the highest levels of situational awareness, with Synthetic Vision and Terrain Awareness eliminating the chance of a CFIT accident (Controlled Flight into Terrain).

Active Traffic enhances the standard ADS-B In Traffic with active interrogation of nearby transponder-equipped aircraft to create a 360° zone of detection and awareness around the aircraft and provides visual and ATC-like audio alerts to potential conflicts.


Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® Cockpit 10” Screens

Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT®)

GMA 350c All-Digital Bluetooth® Audio Panel

QWERTY Keyboard Controller

Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios

Engine & Fuel Monitoring

Garmin Pilot – 1 year subscription included*

Dual Alternators

406 MHz ELT

ADS-B Out Transponder

ADS-B In Weather & Traffic

FliteCharts® & SafeTaxi®

SiriusXM Weather and Audio*

Garmin Flight Stream 510



GFC 700 Autopilot including

Perspective Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)


Hypoxia Check/Automated Descent Mode

Blue Level Button

Autopilot Stall Protection


Takeoff1,685 ft (514 m)

Climb Rate781 ft/min (3.97 m/sec)

Max operating Altitude17,500 ft (5,334 m)

Stall Speed with Flaps57 KCAS

Max Cruise Speed155 KTAS

Landing Groundroll853 ft (260 m)

“With enhanced features galore, the SR20 is faster, more sophisticated and even more luxurious than ever.” -Flying Magazine

At Cirrus Aircraft UK we strive to provide the very best service and support to our customers. We have established Cirrus Advanced Flight Training because we were keen to offer post sales training in-house to ensure our owners receive the highest standard of flight training and the personal support they deserve to operate their Cirrus Aircraft.

We are a Cirrus Certified Training Centre (CTC), and operate an UK Approved Training Organisation at our base at Sywell Aerodrome offering the following courses:

– Night Rating
– IR(R)

With our in-house Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) and Training Centre Instructors (TCI’s), we can conduct every Cirrus transition course, licence and rating you require to make the most of your Cirrus Aircraft.

Beginning your flight education in a Cirrus SR-20 or SR-22 at Advanced Flight Training will ensure that you are being prepared for flight in the 21st century.  Our Cirrus Training Center uses revolutionary training material developed by Cirrus Aircraft to make your flying experience efficient, safe, and most importantly, enjoyable.

As a student in a Cirrus aircraft, you will be enrolled in the Cirrus Learning portal, which will give you access to modern training videos, online simulators, aircraft systems presentations, and exams to increase your proficiency. You will work directly with a Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot, who will guide you through the training material to make you a safe and proficient aviator.

Cirrus Approach

We want you to fly with the maximum level of skill and safety. That’s why we created a comprehensive training program with your lifestyle in mind.


Cirrus Embark

Are you a new owner of a previously loved Cirrus aircraft? Discover why Cirrus Embark is a complimentary transition training program designed just for you.


How Does The Training Schedule Work And What Are The Costs?

We work slightly differently to a regular flight training organisation in that we work one to one with a customer all day aiming to fly 4-5 hours per day in that time. We believe that provides real consistency and continuity and enables you to complete your course of training in record time, freeing you up to enjoy your new found freedom in your Cirrus Aircraft.


Instructor: £550/full day  £350/ half day.

SR20 G6 Rental: £295/hobbs hour dry inclusive of VAT

Fuel and landing fees: Pay as you go.


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